Additional candidate survey items - Call for proposals

During the General Assembly in August 2018, it was suggested that CCS would open the possibility to share and promote additional candidate survey items that national country teams might consider to field along with the current CCS questionnaire (Module 3 since 2018).

These new items would remain OPTIONAL in the candidate survey. They will not be included in the comparative CCS dataset, but instead shall only be made available in the national datasets/website of the project. There is no guarantee that any approved new items will be integrated as permanent and mandatory CCS questionnaire items in future modules.

The Steering Committee proposes the following procedure for sharing survey items with the CCS community:

Survey item proposals should be sent to the CCS Steering Committee in written format;
The suggested items will be reviewed by the Steering Committee, using the following criteria:

Scientific quality
Number of items proposed (with preference for short batteries)
If questions were pre-tested, or well-established in research
If questions can be seamlessly integrated into the core questionnaire
The usability of the items across different countries and electoral contexts
Comparability with existing projects and datasets, potential of data linking
If the questions are suitable to be asked in a candidate survey
If the proposed questions are well formulated

Should the outcome of the review be positive, the CCS Steering Committee will inform the CCS community, and link to the survey items and to the national project behind the proposal on the CCS website.

Short proposals (no longer than 2 pages) should contain:

· Short abstract of the proposal

· The topicality of the proposal (reasons to share the questions now, instead of waiting for the next call for a new module)

· A thorough theoretical foundation for the proposal and how it relates to existing research in the field

· Question wording(s), including pre-test documentation (if available) and a short statement on where the item(s) might fit in the core questionnaire

· A statement regarding applicability to different contexts and/or comparability with other types of datasets.

When proposing questions, keep in mind that the CCS questionnaire is already quite long. Single questions or short blocks of questions will likely have better chances to be incorporated into national candidate surveys.

Proposals must be submitted electronically to Lukas Lauener ( The proposals will be evaluated on a rolling basis.

In case of questions regarding the procedure, do not hesitate to contact the members of the Steering Committee: Ioannis Andreadis (, Katrine Beauregard (, André Freire (, Heiko Giebler (, Zsófia Papp (, Andrea Pedrazzani (, Åsa von Schoultz (, Anke Tresch (, Eva H. Önnudóttir (